Come Perform With Us!

CenterPoint is a community theatre that welcomes local talent. We have open auditions for every show, so don’t be afraid to join us for an upcoming audition. We look forward to seeing you!

Show Date Director
To Kill A Mockingbird October 21st Jennie Richardson
Don’t Drink The Water November 4th Carissa Klitgaard
The Little Mermaid December 9th Danny Inkley
 Camelot January 27th Kristi Curtis
 Crazy For You March 10th Jim Christian
You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown March 24th Josh Richardson
  Pirates of Penzance  May 12th Liz Christensen
 Wait Until Dark May 19th  Marinda Maxfiled
 Ragtime July 14th Scott Montgomery
 Five Carols for Christmas September 29th Jim Christian


Audition Notices

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre announces auditions for ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ on Saturday, October 21st from 10:00 AM- 12:00 Noon. The show runs January 5th through February 3rd. Jennie Richardson will be directing.

Auditions are open to performers 8 years and older. Come prepared to perform a one minute monologue of your choosing. Bring any conflicts from October 23rd through February 3rd, along with a headshot and resume to auditions. Callbacks will take place Monday, October 23rd. First cast meeting will be Wednesday, October 25th.

To Kill a Mockingbird is a Pulitzer Prize winning piece of literature, therefore, we are keeping all lines and characters true to the authors’ vision. Some of the characters are required to use racial slurs and words that are uncomfortable to hear. When you sign up please check the character description for those required to play these roles. Nothing will be changed once we cast, so the actor needs to be aware of these requirements.

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North, 400 West in Centerville. Enter in the building on the west side basement entrance. Please email the theatre at to schedule an audition time.


To Kill a Mockingbird will be performed with
7 men
5 women
2 young boys
1 young girl

To Kill a Mockingbird is a Pulitzer Prize winning piece of literature, therefore, we are keeping all lines and characters true to the authors vision. Some of the characters below are required to use racial slurs and words that are uncomfortable to hear. Please check your character description for those required to play these roles. Nothing will be changed once we cast, so the actor needs to be aware of these requirements.

This actress will play both the narrator and the neighbor Maudie. She needs to be a consummate storyteller more than anything and able to switch from Harper to Maudie, who is middle aged. She can be 28 to 35 able to switch to 45 for Maudie.

Mrs. Dubose
Old neighbor and true southern bigot. She has no filter and enjoys shouting at the children of the town. MRS DUBOSE USES RACIAL SLURS AND IS A CRUEL, MISUNDERSTOOD WOMAN. She can be 45 to 65. We will use makeup to achieve the desired affect.

Stephanie Crawford
Neighbor to Atticus and town gossip. Loves to tell everyone the latest rumor. She can be 30 to 55.

African American Woman needed to play this role. Housekeeper and mother to the two children. She is sharp and cares for the kids like a mother bear. She can be any age from 30 to 50.

The daughter of Atticus, scout is 9 going on 30. She is quick witted, smart and has no filter when it comes to saying what is on her mind or what her opinion might be. She can be 8 to 12 depending on height. SCOUT USES ONE RACIAL SLUR AND IS CORRECTED BY ATTICUS IMMEDIATELY.

Mayella Ewell
A tragic young girl who has lost her mother, her dignity and her hope for a better future. Accuses Tom on the stand of raping and beating her. Fears her father and is quiet and easily controlled. She can be played by a girl 20 to 25, depending on how young the actress looks. MAYELLA MUST BE COMFORTABLE WITH DISCUSSING RAPE AND BRUTALITY ON THE WITNESS STAND.

Not quite a man and no longer a boy, Jem, is quiet, thoughtful and melancholy. He is a wonderful brother to Scout and a true friend to Dill. He is 11 to 14 depending on height.

A friend who visits for the summer. He dresses well, has a big heart and a grand imagination. He tells stories and exaggerates with relish and panache. Dill can be 9 to 11 depending on height.

Atticus Finch
Father to Jem and Scout. He is middle aged, a defense lawyer for the state of Alabama. He is quiet, calm and thoughtful, and treats his children with detached courtesy. He is 45 to 55.  ATTICUS USES RACIAL WORDS AND DOES SO TO TEACH HIS CHILDREN RIGHT FROM WRONG.

Boo Radley/Towns person
Boo, one of the most memorable characters in Americana literature. We see very little of him and he will play a couple of hidden roles. Feared and hated by the town, he is a quiet recluse who’s broken heart is soothed by watching the children play as they grow. Boo can be 30 to 50. We will use makeup to achieve the desired affect.

Tom Robinson
An African American actor is needed for this role. A dedicated father and warm hearted man, he is accused of a crime he did not commit, and is our doomed hero. Tom can be 25 to 40.

Heck Tate
The town sheriff. He knows Macomb and the people of the town. An honest man who has to follow the rules of his time. He can be 30 to 55.

Judge/Towns person
Judge that sits over the case of Tom Robinson. He can be 40 to 70.

Mr. Gilmer/Arthur Radley
Prosecuting attorney against Tom Robinson. Also will play Boo Radleys brother Arthur. He can be 35 to 50.

Walter Cunningham/Court Clerk
He is neighbor and friend of the Finch family being helped with his entailment by Atticus. He may be 30 to 50.

Bob Ewell
A product of his environment, this ignorant man is steeped in the traditions of hundreds of years of racism and bigotry. He may be 40 to 60. BOB EWELL USES MULTIPLE RACIAL SLURS AND IS PROUD OF HIS HERITAGE.