Come Perform With Us!

CenterPoint is a community theatre that welcomes local talent. We have open auditions for every show, so don’t be afraid to join us for an upcoming audition. We look forward to seeing you!

Show Date Director
An Inspector Calls May 6th Richie Uminski
 9 to 5 May 15th Maurie Tarbox
 A Tale of Two Cities   July 8th  Scott Montgomery
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever  September 9th Wendy Inkley
A Christmas Carol  September 16th  Jim Christian


Audition Notices


CenterPoint Legacy Theatre announces auditions for ‘An Inspector Calls’ on Saturday, May 6th from 10:00 to 11:00 AM. The show runs July 28th through August 19th with performances on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. This show will be single cast. Richie Uminski will direct.

Bring any conflicts from May 8th through August 19th, along with a headshot and resume to auditions. Callbacks will take place Monday May 8th. The first cast meeting will be May 15th.

This play is a drama that takes place on a single night in April 1912, focusing on the prosperous upper middle-class Birling family, who live in the fictional England town of Brumley. The family is visited by a man calling himself Inspector Goole, who questions the family about the suicide of a young working-class woman. The family is interrogated and revealed to have been responsible for the young woman’s exploitation, abandonment and social ruin, effectively leading to her death.

Auditions are open to all performers 19 years and older. All roles are open. Come prepared with a short 30 to 60 second dramatic British monologue. If you cannot find an appropriate monologue, one can be provided to you upon request.

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North 400 West in Centerville. Enter the building on the west side basement entrance. Please email the theatre at to schedule an audition time and to obtain a copy of the character breakdowns and audition sides.


Inspector Goole (30s–80s): A mysterious interrogator who introduces himself as a Brumley Police inspector. He claims that he has seen the dead body of Eva Smith (aka Daisy Renton) earlier that day after her slow and painful suicide by swallowing disinfectant, and that he has been given "a duty" to investigate the Birlings’responsibility for her death.

Arthur Birling (40s–60s): The husband/father of the Birling family. He is a rather portentous man. He is domineering, arrogant, self-centered, and morally blind. He represents the capitalist ruling class, proudly describing himself as a hard-headed businessman.

Sybil Birling (40s–60s): The wife/mother of the Birling family. She is her husband’s “social superior” and is keen to show him the correct etiquette that is expected from an upper-middle class family. She is somewhat cold and considers herself to be socially and morally superior.

Eric Birling (20s): He is the Birlings’ youngest child, often presented as awkward and embarrassed. He is half shy and half assertive.

Sheila Birling (20s): The Birlings’ eldest child. She is delighted about her engagement to Gerald Croft. She is playful, self-centered, and sympathetic. She loves attention.

Gerald Croft (20s -30s): He is Sheila’s fiancé. He is the son of wealthy parents who are socially above the Birlings.

Edna (20s-60s): She is the maid at the Birling household. She provides an insight into the life of Eva Smith, a fellow member of the working-class.



CenterPoint Legacy Theatre announces auditions for ‘9 to 5’ on Monday, May 15th. Vocal auditions will take place by appointment from 6:00- 9:00PM. The show runs August 4th through September 2nd. Maurie Tarbox will direct, Arianne Hellewell will music direct and Susan DeMill will provide the choreography.

Bring any conflicts from May 15th through September 2nd along with a headshot and resume to auditions. Callbacks are scheduled for Tuesday, May 16th and Wednesday, May 17th. First cast meeting will be Saturday May 20th and rehearsals will start Monday, May 22nd.

Auditions are open to performers 16 years of age and older. All roles are open. Come prepared to sing no longer than 30 seconds of music in the style of the show. A pianist will be provided. Please no acapella singing or prerecorded music.

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North, 400 West in Centerville. Enter in the building on the west side basement entrance. Please email the theatre at to schedule an audition time.


Based on the 1980 movie, features music by Dolly Parton. It’s centers on the downtrodden lives of three working women, Violet, Judy, and Doralee. They work at Consolidated Industries, which is presided over by Franklin Hart, a sexist, lecherous, and pompous man. They finagle a way to put Hart away for a while and they begin running the company. Some pretty big changes are made. There are great twists and turns in this musical comedy. Definitely a show to be in!


Violet Newstead – female lead, Alto, age 40-55 Widow, smart, efficient, mother of a sixteen year old boy, must have a commanding presence and great comedic timing.

Franklin Hart – male lead, baritone, age 45-60 Boss, sleazy, sexist, arrogant, pompous, has probably committed adultery, and is married. He must not be afraid of heights or dark places. Requires excellent acting as we don’t really want to cast anyone who is like Hart in real life.

Judy Bernly – female lead, mezzo-soprano, age 30-40 Recently separated, meek, flustered, who becomes empowered and inspired by her fellow co-workers. Even though she has one of the biggest (belt) songs, acting is much more important as Judy has the most complex character, and one who we see the biggest change.

Doralee Rhodes – female lead, alto with country belt, age 30-40 Country girl, happily married wife, sexy, misunderstood, warm, and good natured. Think of Dolly Parton in the flesh, and you’ve got the right kind of character.

Joe – male, supporting role, tenor, 35-50 Accountant, kind, honest, determined, handsome

Dick Bernly – male, supporting, middle aged, speaking (but will double as an ensemble member) Judy’s husband who has an affair, has some guilt in the end, but Judy finds it in herself to kick him to the curb. He must come across as sure of himself and thinking that Judy can’t live without him.

Kathy – female supporting role, soprano, mezzo, alto, age 18-35 She’s a gossip in a good way, secretary, good-natured.

Margaret – female supporting role, soprano, mezzo, alto, age 18-40 Office drunk who goes to rehab. Very fun role!

Maria Delgado – female supporting role, soprano, mezzo, alto, age 18-30 Hispanic, vibrant, lively and friendly.

Josh Newstead – male, supporting role, tenor, age 16 Violet’s son who is just getting his drivers license. He will also double as an ensemble member.

Dwayne Rhodes – male, supporting role, tenor 30-45 Is the husband to Doralee, kind, supportive, protective, and loving.

Roz Keith – female, supporting role, alto with a healthy sound, age 45-60 She is the office snitch who is lovesick about Hart. Great character role and must have good physical and comedic timing.

Missy Hart – female, supporting spoken role (double as an ensemble member), age 35-45 She is Franklin Hart’s wife. Clueless, ditzy, and an airhead….but likeable.

Russell Tinsworthy – Male, featured spoken role (may double as an ensemble member), age 65-80+ Chairman of Consolidated, kind, but authoritarian and official.

Ensemble – female/male, soprano, mezzo, alto, tenor, baritone, bass, ages 16+ The ensemble is a BIG part of the show and will have a lot of stage time. We will need dancer/singers, as well as singer/dancers.

(If I were auditioning, I’d accept ANY role for this show! The music is incredible! And the dancing will be a wonderful addition to the energy needed to make this one of the funnest shows of the year!)