Come Perform With Us!

CenterPoint is a community theatre that welcomes local talent. We have open auditions for every show, so don’t be afraid to join us for an upcoming audition. We look forward to seeing you!

Show Date Director
 Camelot January 27th Kristi Curtis
 Crazy For You March 10th Jim Christian
You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown March 24th Josh Richardson
  Pirates of Penzance  May 12th Liz Christensen
 Wait Until Dark May 19th  Marinda Maxfield
 Ragtime July 14th Emily Wadley
 Five Carols for Christmas September 29th Jim Christian


Audition Notices

CenterPoint Legacy Theatre announces auditions for ‘Camelot’ on Saturday, January 27th. Vocal auditions will take place by appointment from 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM. The show runs April 13th through May 12th. Kristi Curtis will direct and provide choreography, Derek Myler will music direct.

Bring any conflicts from January 27th through May 12th along with a headshot and resume to auditions. Callbacks are scheduled for Monday, January 29th and Wednesday, January 31st. Rehearsals will start Tuesday February 20th.

Auditions are open to male performers 12-16 years of age and female and male performers 19 years and older. All roles are open. Come prepared to sing 16 bars of music, no longer than 30 seconds, in the style of the show. A pianist will be provided. Please no acapella singing or pre-recorded music.

Auditions will take place at the theatre located at 525 North, 400 West in Centerville. Enter in the building on the west side basement entrance. Please email the theatre at to schedule an audition time.




Arthur– able to play range of 38-48 years of age. King of England, of legend yet charmingly boyish. Wise, strong, humble, honorable, loves his people. Sees the good in everyone and everything. Truly loves both Guinevere and Lancelot. Beloved by all who know him. Must be able to move well. Baritone.


Guinevere– able to play range of 20-30 years of age. Excited by Chivalry, young and spirited, fiery, bold, determined, alluring. Truly loves both Arthur and Lancelot and doesn’t always understand those feelings. Genuinely loveable. Must be triple threat, not just singer who moves well. Soprano.


Lancelot– able to play range of 30-40 years of age. Sincere, strong, a passionate believer in Chivalry and the cause of the round table. Loves Arthur like a brother. Handsome and Brave. Conflicted in his feelings for Guinevere. Very important he is played honestly yet confidently. The audience has to like him and root for him. Baritone.


Pellinore– 50’s-60’s. An older knight who is cursed to forever quest with no end in sight. Dedicated to Arthur, eccentric. Sense of comedic timing a must for this role.


Merlyn– Ageless. He is the Merlyn of Legend. Wise, magical, and thinks of time backwards. A good teacher to Arthur and loves him as a son.


Mordred– early 20’s. Slimy, plotting, weak in mind and physicality. Selfish, manipulative, and cowardly. Enjoys bringing out the weaknesses in people. Sired by Arthur when he was younger. Tenor.


Morgan LeFay– ageless and magical. Wild and Beautiful. She is a dark sorceress who has respect for Arthur but a weakness for chocolate.


Nimue– also ageless and magical. Stronger than Merlyn even. She is an enchantress who wants to keep Merlyn for her own. Mezzo.


Sir Dinaden– 28-35. Arthurs most trusted of the knights. Devoted to Guenevere. Tenor.


Sir Sagramore– 28-35. A knight of the round table.


Sir Lionel– 28-35. The biggest and strongest of Arthur’s knights. Tenor.


Dap– teens. Squire to Lancelot.


Lady Anne– 20’s-30’s. Head of Guinevere’s ladies in waiting. Her most trusted Lady.


Tom of Warwick– early teens. Young and idealistic.


Lords and Ladies of Arthur’s Court– Varying ages. Men are manly, women are feminine, both are strong. All need movement/dance ability. Some women will double as wood nymphs and soldiers