Costume Rentals

CPT offers a wide array of costumes for school musicals, local theatres and events. We are not able to rent costumes for personal use. Please contact our costume rental specialist, Jennie Richardson, to arrange for a time to view our extensive collection!

Jennie Richardson
Wardrobe Manager

Prop Rentals

Need an unusual item for your production, photo shoot or event? CPT probably has it. We store a large array of unusual items and furniture. Please contact our Properties Master, Jackie Smith, to arrange for a time to view our extensive collection! Please note that our minimum charge for prop rental is $100.

Jackie Smith
Properties Master

Set Rentals

Take advantage of our hard work! Save yourself thousands of hours and dollars! Our immaculately designed sets are only used once, in most cases, and are great for theatre everywhere and anywhere! Rent or purchase our set pieces for your production or event! Contact Scott Van Dyke to arrange for your scenery pick up!

Scott Van Dyke
Executive Producer

Facility Rentals

Our state of the art facility is perfect for your recital, rehearsal, production or event! We offer all the fixins that come with a theatrical facility including 2 separate venues to choose from, an expert staff and much more! Please contact our Building Scheduler, Meredith Gibson, to ensure your dates!

Meredith Gibson
Building Scheduler

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