April 14th - May 13th



Consider yourself part of this rambunctious and rowdy family of orphans living off the street and their smarts.  Follow the timeless story of Oliver Twist through his misfortune and good luck as he and his band of ruffians reign the streets of London and fight off evil lurking right under their noses.  Filled with unforgettable songs and characters you’ll fall in love with, Oliver! is sure to be your next family favorite.


ASL Performances:

Please contact the Box Office for available seating in each show.

1st Saturday – MAT 2:30pm

Oliver: Saturday, April 22, 2017


Monday / Wednesday / Friday Cast
Oliver TwistJT Oreilly
FaginScott Butler
The Artful DodgerBrandon Smith
Bill SikesSilas Stott
NancyEmily Wells
BetRiley Plott
Mr. BumbleMatthew Price
Mrs. CorneyRebecca Waite
Mr. BrownlowMark Olsen
Mr. SowerberryStann Babb
Mrs. Sowerberry/Old SallyLisa Marie Smith
CharlotteChloe Peterson
Noah ClaypoleMcLean Anderson
Mr. GrimwigGary Pimentel
Mrs. BedwinLindsay Johnson
MatronEmily Sheffield
Charley BatesJames Moffit
OrphanAiden Hess
OrphanZack Abercrombie
OrphanGrey Randle
OrphanEthan Bybee
OrphanJeffrey Leishman
OrphanEverest Squires
OrphanKatie Harris
OrphanKira Wootton
OrphanSophie Mercer
OrphanKealia Wootton
OrphanWill Hoagland
Rose SellerTara Bruce
Milk MaidMaryn Taylor
Strawberry SellerBree Johnson
Knife GrinderStephen Abercrombie
MaidSarah Williams
Apple SellerNoah Robbins
PolicemanWilliam Killingbeck
Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday Cast
Oliver TwistJonathan Martineau
FaginAdam West
The Artful DodgerRiley Allen
Bill SikesRusty Bringhurst
NancyMelissa Lawyer
BetKendalyn Summerhays
Mr. BumbleMark Gurney
Mrs. CorneyMaegan Madill Loftus
Mr. BrownlowRay Hunter
Mr. SowerberryJason Steed
Mrs. Sowerberry/Old SallyHeather Steed
CharlotteTaya Wescott
Noah ClaypoleJosh Kartchner
Mr. GrimwigStephen McBride
Mrs. BedwinDeveri Thornton
MatronEmily Ashby
Charley BatesKurt Thornton
OrphanMcKade Lots
OrphanAdam Horsley
OrphanReed Laudie
OrphanSamuel Rushforth
OrphanColby Thornton
OrphanMicah Thornton
OrphanEmily Stevens
OrphanBrad Malmstrom
OrphanAmy Gurney
OrphanMcKay Ashby
OrphanJacob Reed
Rose SellerEmilie Laudie
Milk MaidLaryn Naegle
Strawberry SellerElizabeth Reed
Knife GrinderCaleb Durrant
MaidMakall Silvester
Apple SellerLance Goodwin
PolicemanTyler West

Production Team

Production Name
Executive ProducerScott Van Dyke
Production ManagerKrista Davies
Board RepresentativeRon Russell
Technical DirectorJay M. Clark
DirectorLiz Christensen
ChoreographerSarah Martin
Music DirectorDerek Myler
Stage ManagerCarynn Butler
Assistant Stage ManagerMark Andrus
Costume DesignerJennie Richardson
Sound DesignerAlyssa Evans
Lighting DesignerDarren Maxfield
Set DesignerScott Van Dyke
Scenic Charge ArtistCynthia Klumpp
Prop MistressJackie Smith
Scene Shop SupervisorRobert Gibson