January 5th - February 3rd

To Kill a Mockingbird


From the seminal works of Harper Lee, this adaptation for the stage is a powerful drama following the court proceedings of a black man in Maycomb, AL accused of committing a crime against a white woman.  The upstanding Atticus Finch has the arduous task of defending this innocent man. Observing from a different perspective,  his children Jem and Scout feel it their duty to fight for justice along side their father.  Examining the inner workings of racism, trust, and the meaning of being an honorable citizen, To Kill a Mockingbird is a dynamic play not to be missed.


Monday / Wednesday / Friday Cast
Atticus FinchMichael Hohl
ScoutAvery Empey
JemJack Gardner
Tom RobinsonCarlos Emjay
Harper/MaudieAnnie Ferrin
CalpurniaCarol Costley
Stephanie CrawfordHolly Reid
Mrs. DuboseChris Brown
Arthur Radley (Boo)Ethan Chidester
DillWilliam Hoagland
Heck TateZar Hayes
Judge TaylorJohn Dale Williams
Mayella EwellKate Williams
Bob EwellMike Brown
Walter CunninghamMatthew T. Hewitt
Mr. GilmerMichael Gardner
Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday Cast
Atticus FinchAndrew Heyward
ScoutKaylee Call
JemMatthew Rees
Tom RobinsonKiirt Banks
Harper/MaudieAmanda Morgan
CalpurniaDarcee Warner
Stephanie CrawfordNatalie Peterson
Mrs. DuboseCarol Madsen
Arthur Radley (Boo)Silas Stott
DillJeffrey Leishman
Heck TateJosh Curtis
Judge TaylorDan Call
Mayella EwellStacey Haslam
Bob EwellBrandon Suisse
Walter CunninghamDavid Madsen
Mr. GilmerJared Morgan

Production Team

Production Name
Executive ProducerScott Van Dyke
Production ManagerKrista Davies
DirectorJennie Richardson
Technical DirectorDerek Walden
Stage ManagerTodd Perkins
Assistant Stage ManagerNickole Canfield
Costume DesignJennie Richardson
Lighting DesignErik Gunn
Sound DesignDerek Walden
Set DesignScott Van Dyke
Wig and Hair DesignHope Bird
Scenic Charge ArtistCynthia Klumpp
Costume SupervisorJennie Richardson
Scene Shop SupervisorRobert Gibson